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Council of Pittsburgh, PA declares February 2nd, 2021 "Cheyenne Martin Day"

Tune in tomorrow at 10:00am EST (7:00am PST) as the City Of Pittsburgh reads the Proclamation declaring February 2, 2021 “Cheyenne Martin Day”. I’m truly honored and will continue to lend my resources to my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA.

I would to dedicate this proclamation to my Grand Mothers Mary Martin & Iola Bowie, Grand Fathers Donnie Bowie Sr and Dave Andrews, My Dad and Mom, Donnie Bowie and Wanda Bowie and Jackie Younger, my favorite Aunt, Patrica Bowie along with my Uncle Dr. Stan L Bowie.

I would like to thank these special women for being preponderance in my philanthropic journey with The Cheyenne Martin Foundation, Sanya Bowie always being my right hand,

Chasity Clark for bringing resources since I started my foundation in 2015.

Ky Ziegler for being my left hand. Anitra Sledge, Tiffany Bowie, Sweetie Sherrie, Chanell Harris, Patricia Anderson-Cook and Kieren Boyce.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers who dedicated their time to assist with the events I hosted in Pittsburgh. I could not of done it without you.

Thank you to my publicist Darnell Clark.

Special thank to all the council members for acknowledging the efforts of The Cheyenne Martin Foundation and unanimously declaring February 2, 2021 “Cheyenne Martin Day”


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