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Meet Our Board

Cheyenne Martin
Founder/Executive Director

Cheyenne Martin is a talent manager, executive producer, CEO and the President of Emerald City Films, and also the founder of the Cheyenne Martin Foundation. A selfmade manager, 

actor, and entertainment specialist, Cheyenne’s professionalism speaks for itself and is clearly evident through the high level of work she produces.  She radiates confidence, finesse and 

style and draws the attention of her friends and contacts in the industry to the considerable 

talents of her clients. 

Cheyenne grew up in Pittsburgh, blessed with a mother who encouraged her to express herself. 

At the age of 6, she was modeling at fashion shows alongside her mother.  That’s when she first 


experienced the thrill of having the crowd applause. Shortly after she began modeling, she started acting in plays such as Little Orphan Annie. She also competed in talent shows, often taking first place.

Cheyenne attended Contra Costa College, but had her sights set on upon becoming an actress.  Always one to go after her dreams with unstoppable determination, she headed straight out of Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, she began working for the legendary Berry Gordy of Motown Records and also Jobete Publishing. She was instrumental in organizing the “Motown 30” with several stars.  Next, she took a job with Fox News, and soon after, she started working for Rapper Heavy D as his personal assistant.

Although she was having success and fun, she realized that she needed to focus on what she came out to Los Angeles to do, which was acting.  She started studying with acting coach Al Guarino, and soon she was being cast in films.  Cheyenne enjoyed acting, but the experience began to unfold for her into a different direction. She had an urge to be behind the scenes and camera. This revelation propelled her farther forward in life and into a very exciting, new dimension in her entertainment career.

Cheyenne was hired by the “LA Confidential” record label, where she learned the recording industry inside and out.  Soon she was working for various record labels and agents.  Next, she became an agent’s assistant working with Sharon Kemp of the Sharon Kemp talent agency.  She also worked with talent manager Stephany Hurkos.  After obtaining so much experience, Cheyenne was ready to take her next step and go out on her own as a talent manager.

Cheyenne established her first company in 2007 and called it Cheyenne Martin Management. Cheyenne had a lot of success with her new endeavor.  She developed a career as a talent manager.  Having been an actress herself, she understood the highs and lows of the acting profession. Cheyenne is known for her innovative and pioneering spirit; she kicks up her high heels, takes her celebrity connections and friendships, and mixes them with her east coast hustle and drive to forge successes for all her clientele. 

In 2014, she became Executive Producer for the film Message from a Mistress, a tale of three wives who are harboring secrets and then have their worlds rocked when they learn that one of their husbands is having an affair with their widowed best friend. The success of this film lead to a decision by Cheyenne to launch yet another phase of her career and in 2016, she established her film company, Emerald City Entertainment.

In addition to her successful entertainment career, Cheyenne Martin also finds time to mentor and empower women through the Cheyenne Martin Foundation. Created in 2015, the Foundation recognized as a nonprofit organization which helps underserved and underrepresented communities throughout the Los Angeles and Pittsburgh areas.

Ky Ziegler

Pennsylvania Native, raised bi-coastal between Philadelphia and Los Angeles, currently residing in Los Angeles, this Actress/Dancer/Model has appeared in various festival nominated films, as well as sitcoms such as “One on One,” “Cuts,” and “Everyone Hates Chris.” Ky has made her mark as a theater actress in LA, appearing in three productions at the Wilshire Ebell and countless other theaters. She is also an artist/painter/designer, further showcasing her uniquely creative and diverse spirit. Ky is now soon be appearing in a few upcoming TV films, one of which she co-stars along side of Vivica A. Fox & Clifton Powell. Instilled with Faith, Discipline and Perseverance.

She dedicates herself as a volunteer throughout the year at the “Los Angeles Mission,” she is also a member of the homeless outreach group “Industry For God,” which is comprised of members from the 

entertainment industry whom provide lunches and clothing. Ky has also volunteered with the organization “Project Prom,” which provides a day of beauty and dresses for foster kids. Instilled with Faith, Discipline and Perseverance, Ky Ziegler is destined and determined to stretch her talents far beyond ANY limit and dedicate the time God has given her to spread love and help others.

Sonya Bowie

Sanya Bowie, born and raised in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, PA.  She is a very hard-working, dedicated, ambitious, patient and a self confident individual.

She is also a well determined individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Always one to encourage people to fight for what they desire and believe in.  Nothing great comes easy in life.

Sanya has been working for one of the largest insurance companies for the past 19 years, climbing the ladder in various positions. She is a part-time College Student, eager to strive towards completing her college courses to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  Sanya is a proud parent of a college graduate, her son recently graduated from College. She considers herself as a family person, growing up in life my family always taught me “learning is a life long process that is sometimes difficult and

uncomfortable”.  Ultimately getting a lot of advice from her Idol, which is her grandmother”, that advice has prepared her for life as a future professional.

Apart from the above, She have always embraced an interest in helping others, just out of the kindness of her heart throughout her life. Sanya has volunteered to work at different food banks at her church and at other places through out her job. She volunteers to drops of food to individuals who are not mobile and do not have a way to picking up their food from the food bank,  she visits the sick and shut in with her grandmother and Rev. from Mt. Cameral Baptist Church. She has volunteered to serve food at one of the woman’s shelter in Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Sanya also supports the Breast Cancer Foundation by donating money & attending the walk for the cure every year on Mother’s Day.

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