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Cheyenne Martin Foundation event at Junior Acheievement Finance Park

Cheyenne Martin Foundation is pleased to announce our event at Junior Achievement Finance Park, July 24th, from 9am to 2pm in Los Angeles, across the street from Warner Brother Studios. We have fifty (50) young teenage girls attending from the YMCA in San Fernando Vally and Life Line Character School in Compton. These young teens will attend the Finance Park and become adults for the day. They will be educated on financial independence, why savings is important, the difference between debit and credit, life skills, money management, and economic success.

The first part of the day is about how adults live. Students go to their assigned business to meet their volunteer, where they will then check out an iPad from their volunteer. They then discover the adult identity they will assume and conduct research. Students and volunteers will visit each business and read and discuss information for each budget category. Next, the students build a monthly budget, informed by their research and volunteer discussion.

Next, the students learn about responsible spending and budgeting. They visit each business on their iPad to make their shopping selections. They then visit each storefront in JA Finance Park to pay for all their shopping selections. During the last portion of the day, students receive a final report that details their life scenario and decisions.

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